Heathrow Plane Spotting

Updated: Feb 24, 2010 – the BBC News recently posted a story about plane spotting and Troy was mentioned. You can read the BBC Plane Spotting article, or you might be interested in other posts from us related to planes, such as the First Flight from Heathrow Terminal 5.

We were a bit geeky on Saturday, and went to Heathrow with some friends to watch and take pictures of planes. Troy and I were quite amused that on one of the few weekends where neither of us had any travel plans, we managed to still wind up at Heathrow!

There are a few good websites with details on best locations where you can do the Plane Spotting at Heathrow. Troy and I did two things in particular that made the adventure particularly fun. We printed out the Arrival and Departures from Heathrow before heading there (see FlightStats). The other thing was to bring a radio scanner where we could listen to air traffic control. Combining these two things, it was really cool to hear ATC clear planes for take off or landing, and then watch them physically. (And “cool” in that geeky way again!) I also feel like I need to call out for the formal record that we don’t normally do this (never before, in fact). But having done it once, I’ll wait for a super nice weather day next time, and time the visit to coincide with the Airbus A380, which I’ve never seen up close. Fun times.