Posted in March 2011

Selling our London W5 home?

I love that this makes it sound like we have multiples houses throughout the world – Maui, Seattle, Boston, London, San Fran, etc.  “Daarrling, we’ve decided to sell the London place..”  Alas, this isn’t the case. But what is the case is that we’ve decided to sell our house.  The only house.  The one in … Continue reading

Seattle has better restaurants than London

After living in London for about five years, there are still restaurants in Seattle that we dream of.  The funny thing is I think I could move away from London someday and not miss one restaurant here.  Why is that?  What’s wrong with the London food scene such that I literally believe that Seattle has … Continue reading

Some of our favourite things..

We never remember all our favourite places around Ealing and contractors we use, so this page is going to be our cheat-sheet so I can remember all the stores, restaurants, shops and other random things we like. The Wheatsheaf Pub: 41 Haven Lane, W5 2HZ. This is one of our best local pubs in Ealing. … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – is simple at a basic level. Design a website that has compelling content for users, build the site well, follow best practices in web coding, and always follow several rules that assist search engines in crawling your site. Too often, webmasters let themselves get overwhelmed by the concept of … Continue reading