Staying fit in Seattle

When I moved away from Seattle five years ago, I pretty quickly found a weekly pick-up basketball game.  It happened to be a bunch of people from work and we met weekly for a fun game.  I grew to really enjoy it – never quite grew to a stellar basketball player, but definitely got decent (it’s all relative, keep in mind!).  In addition to that, I had a local gym that was rarely crowded and easy to do a workout at.  I probably could have used it more, but at least I was in a fitness routine for the most part.

Now that we’re back in Seattle, I’ve really struggled to get into a rhythm of good fitness and exercise.  We built out a basic free-weight room in the unfinished portion of our cellar.  So in reality, I have no excuses for not at least exercising there periodically.  It’s remarkable how easy the excuses do come to avoid doing exercise!  I’m currently still working under the assumption that picking a few activities like basketball will ultimately work better for me (maybe the commitment to a team or a fun activity).

Anyway, Troy’s new Seattle-area start-up ( is designed to help people like me..  want to find all your local Seattle gyms?  Want to look for Yoga in Seattle?  Want a gym with a basketball court and a swimming pool in Seattle?  You get the point..  it’s pretty cool to see them soft-launch recently and to continue building out with additional info soon, such as personal trainers, pilates, etc.  It’s particularly nice that as a real person I can see value in the site – there really is no easy way to figure out fitness options in Seattle when you care about particular aspects of the facility.

Now I suppose step 2 for me is to actually do something about it, now that I know what my options are..