I lost my sunglasses.

I lost my sunglasses a few weeks ago.  This wasn’t a problem because the weather in Seattle had turned into the weather people generally expect from Seattle.  This involves a kind of regular, damp mist and overcast skies.  To a Seattleite, this weather has its own beauty but requires little from the sunglasses department.

We arrived in Maui late on Saturday night and after sorting through baggage claim, car rental and the requisite pilgrimage to the Safeway off the Pi’ilani Highway, we made our way to bed shortly after arriving at the condo we rented at the Royal Mauian.

This was our first time arriving on Hawai’i at night.  Usually you can start to acclimate to the beauty of the sun and surf from the window seat of the airplane, then the drive in, and on arrival at wherever you’re staying.  Not having had this time I almost lost my breath when I descended to the shoreline the next morning.  The beauty of these islands never ceases to amaze.

And wow — the sun is bright!  First stop: Sunglass Hut.  I love my new Ray Bans.

View from Kama'ole Beach Park 1

Day 1 was peaceful.  The highlights in bullet form are:

  • Loco Moco from Da Kitchen Express across the street — Loco Moco, a Hawaiian delicacy, is worthy of its own blog post.  In short: rice, hamburger patty, fried egg, gravy.  Nom nom.
  • Walk along the nearby beach parks: Kama’ole I, II and III
  • Mass at St. Theresa’s, the local church, which offers upbeat music
  • Dinner at Monkey Pod Kitchen, a relatively new restaurant in Wailea that has a huge bar, live music, pizza and an extensive selection of fish.

One thought on “I lost my sunglasses.

  1. Well, I guess we can’t have them all. I mean, losing your glasses must’ve been a sign that you really should get a new one. And Ray-Ban’s a good choice.

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