Washington State Ref 74 and a vote to APPROVE

A vote to APPROVE Referendum 74 is not only a vote for the freedom of all loving couples to marry, it’s also a vote to upload religious freedom.  To be blunt, a vote against Ref 74 is a vote of intolerance and a step towards restricting religious freedom.  Watch my video for more thoughts..

A few facts about Referendum 74 in Washington State:

  • All religious freedoms are explicitly protected in the law itself.  No religion or religious organization will be required to perform or even recognize same-sex relationships or marriages.  However, the significant and growing number of religious faiths that do want to recognize these relationships will be able to do so.
  • In fact, Referendum 74 has nothing to do with religion – it is about the civil rights and freedoms of each person in Washington State to marry the person they love.
  • Opponents of the freedom to marry are deliberately trying to scare people by mixing in completely unrelated issues.  The ONLY issue up for a vote is whether Washington State will allow each person the freedom to marry the person they love.  There is no change or impact to children, schools, religious requirements, or anything else.  I suppose in the interest of full transparency, there will be an impact to children who are already being raised by same-sex couples – those children will suddenly see the government stop discriminating against their parents and their families.

Visit Washington United for Marriage to learn more about this issue and to explore the massive coalition of businesses, religions, and people who support the freedom of all loving couples to marry.


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