The Final Five (days to voting)

Vote buttonWith apologies to Sam Anders, Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster, and Saul & Ellen Tigh, this post is not about you.  It’s about the final five days before all people in Washington State will have received their mail-in ballots for the 2012 General Election.  Washington is a 100% vote-by-mail state and the ballots drop late this week and you have until Nov 6 to return the ballot – but WHY WAIT?  As soon as you get the ballot, just go ahead and fill it out and pop it back into the mail.  That way, on Nov 6 when results are tabulated, most votes will have already been counted and I can celebrate or cry as appropriate.

I know thinking deeply and researching issues and candidates is really hard and not all that exciting to most people.  So I’ve saved you the trouble and just listed below a convenient cheat-sheet you can use.  If you’re in WA district 43 and Congressional district 7 (broadly the metro Seattle area), you’re in luck and can completely copy mine.  Other districts will need to modify as appropriate, although most of these questions will be relevant for all Washington residents.  Or at least the ones I care about 🙂 You can look up your own district at the Washington State District Finder map.

Here’s the cheat sheet and below it, I’ve provided some thoughts and key motivations for various votes I’m making. I only have included positions where there is a contested vote (so if only one person is running, I did not include them):

Item Description How to Vote
 Initiative 1185 Tax and Fees limitations  NO – this measure should NOT be enacted  (update Nov 9: it WAS enacted)
Initiative 1240 Creation of public charter schools YES – this measure SHOULD be enacted  (update Nov 9: it was approved)
Referendum 74 Freedom to Marry and Protection of Religions APPROVE – vote to APPROVE this referendum to allow freedom to marry  (update Nov 9: it was approved)
Initiative 502 License, regulate, and tax marijuana for personal use YES – this measure SHOULD be enacted (update Nov 9: it was approved)
Senate Resolution 8221 Change debt limit and modify the WA Constitution REJECT – this measure should be rejected  (update Nov 9: it was APPROVED)
Senate Resolution 8223 UW and WSU investment flexibility APPROVE – vote to approve this (update Nov 9: it was REJECTED)
Advisory Vote 1 (Senate Bill 6635) Eliminating B&O tax deduction MAINTAINED – this should be maintained as passed by the legislature (update Nov 9: it was repealed)
Advisory Vote 2 (House Bill 2590) Extended expiration of certain petroleum product taxes MAINTAINED – this should be maintained as passed by the legislature (update Nov 9: it was repealed)
King County Prop 1 – AFIS funding Fund a replacement of fingerprint system APPROVE – vote to approve the AFIS replacement
President and Vice President Um, they run the executive branch Barack Obama and Joe Biden (update Nov 9: they won)
US Senator Six year term for one of Washington State’s senator Maria Cantwell  (update Nov 9: she won)
US Representative (district 7) House of Representatives for District 7 Jim McDermott (update Nov 9: he won)
Washington State Governor WA Governor Jay Inslee (update Nov 9: he won)
Lt Governor WA independently-elected Lt. Governor Bill Finkbeiner (look – a Republican!)  (update Nov 9: he lost, Brad Owen won)
WA Secretary of State Four-year term Kathleen Drew  (update Nov 9: she lost, Kim Wyman won)
WA State Treasurer Four-year term Jim McIntire  (update Nov 9: he won)
WA State Auditor Four-year term Troy Kelley  (update Nov 9: he won)
WA Attorney General Four-year term Bob Ferguson  (update Nov 9: he won)
WA Commissioner of Public Lands Four-year term Peter Goldmark  (update Nov 9: he won)
WA Insurance Commissioner Four-year term Mike Kreidler (update Nov 9: he won)
WA State Rep Position 2 Two-year term Frank Chopp (update Nov 9: he won)
King County Sheriff One-year term John Urquhart (update Nov 9: he won)
WA Supreme Court Justice Position 9 Six-year term Sheryl Gordon McCloud  (update Nov 9: she won)
King (County) Superior Court Judge Four-year term Christopher Washington (update Nov 9: he lost, Sue Parisien won)
Seattle Prop 1 – Seawall Fund seismic hazard mitigation for the seawall APPROVE – vote to approve Seattle to repair the seawall (update Nov 9: it was approved)

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