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Maui Recommendations

First, I’d recommend getting a copy of the Maui Revealed tour book.  It’s essential! Here are our favorite stops and activities on Maui: Join a snorkel tour of Molokini, a little crescent atoll off the west side of the island.  We had a great experience with Seafire Charters. Sunrise Bike Tour at Haleaka, the dormant volcano on … Continue reading

Lasaña de Verdes

This is a recipe that our great friend Gloria from Colombia shared with us when I was looking for a vegetarian dish to serve some guests.  It’s delicious! Ingredients: lasagna pasta 1 zucchini 1 bag of fresh spinach 1 head of broccoli 1 onion 1 bunch of asparagus (18+ stalks) 2 large tomatoes – diced … Continue reading

Kaser Family Egg Bread Dressing Recipe

Egg Bread Dressing Recipe Egg bread is a rich type of corn bread.  For this recipe, first you’ll make the egg bread and then you’ll use it as the key ingredient in the dressing.  Serve alongside the turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Top with turkey gravy and serve with a side of cranberry sauce! Egg … Continue reading

Urge the archbishop to walk the talk

Urge the archbishop to walk the talk

On Friday, June 28, 2013, a group of Western Washington Catholics delivered a petition to the Archbishop with over 5,500 signatures. The petition was two-fold: first, to acknowledge and support the public statement Archbishop Sartain and other Washington State bishops made recently, vocalizing their continued support of Scouting (the statement).  Secondly, however, the petition was … Continue reading